Tell me a tattoo story. A book about love, life and body art

A book about fatherly love, a collection of illustrations that explore the fascination of a boy for his father’s tattoos and tells the stories behind them. Each one has tremendous meaning, says McGhee, It’s a story of family love, and it becomes a life story, too, because the dad’s tattoos express major passages of his … Continue reading Tell me a tattoo story. A book about love, life and body art


Seven questions to… Mariana Groning

Mariana Groning is the first artist of our Seven questions to... Coming from Mexico City and working at Karma Tattoo, she is internationally known for her super colorful watercolor style - but she also loves to work in blackwork, geometric and surrealistic. Mariana started apprenticing as a graphic designer, but in 2015 she began tattooing after a long time … Continue reading Seven questions to… Mariana Groning

New tendencies: Tiny Tattoos

Belonging to the latest trends, tiny tattoos are so-small that they are almost invisible. Until a few years ago, fashion imposed statement pieces, symbols of independence, but today all the new micro tattoos can be wore elegantly and easily hidden, if required. The most popular spots, besides ankles and wrists, are the neck, the ears … Continue reading New tendencies: Tiny Tattoos

The hand-poked tattoos by Elena Borio Alluto

It’s a different approach, more primitive. It amuses me though, it has a completely different and much faster healing process - says Elena - the final result on skin, compared to a traditional electrical machine is much more brilliant.