Elena Borio Alluto speaks with a new voice about the tattoo as an integral part of human body, a characteristic that “grew old, changes, alters” with us.

Her journey in the hand-poked tattoo world met the oppositions of “modern” colleagues, binded to the electric tattooing machine, and the perplexities of clients, displaced by her unconventional technique.

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Hand-poked, in fact, means prodded by hand and so it doesn’t require using any electrical machine.

It’s a different approach, more primitive. It amuses me though, it has a completely different and much faster healing process – says Elena – the final result on skin, compared to a traditional electrical machine is much more brilliant. 

Elena is going back to the origins of tattooing, both in the technical ways and in the tradition of what part of the body has to be tattooed before another one – chest and legs before hands, neck and face, respecting the old school rules.

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If you are interested in Elena Borio Alluto tattooing, find her at Old Knife Tattoo Club and  Sanguenero Tattoo Shop in Turin, Italy.