Mariana Groning is the first artist of our Seven questions to…

Mariana Groning

Coming from Mexico City and working at Karma Tattoo, she is internationally known for her super colorful watercolor style – but she also loves to work in blackwork, geometric and surrealistic.

Mariana started apprenticing as a graphic designer, but in 2015 she began tattooing after a long time dreaming about learning the techniques and the secrets of this job and letting be inspired by some great artists like Ondrash, Maraden, Nikko Hurtado, Rob Richardson, Sasha Unisex, David Peyote, Little Andy and Zih Ae.

How did you become a tattoo artist?
I’m a graphic designer and have always been passionate about tattooing, I finally found someone to teach me by the end of 2014 and I’ve been tattooing almost every day since the end of 2015.

How would you define your tattooing style?
I’m still trying to define it myself, I find that it keeps changing as I evolve as an artist, currently I’m doing a lot of watercolor in a realistic/painting style and I’m doing greywash realism.

You say that any of your designs is unique for each one of your clients: why?
I try to always give my clients something unique and meaningful, a tattoo that nobody else has but sometimes they are set on something they already saw online and it’s impossible to change their mind, at the end of the day they have the final word and we have to respect it.

Do your works have any goals or meanings or are they “just” decorative pieces?
Some designs are full of meaning, special pieces for special moments of a clients life. Sometimes they are just decorative, fun pieces; I love them both.

Tell us something about your studio.
My wife and I have a custom studio in Mexico City, we are both tattoo artists. Everything is done by appointment only and we mainly book through Facebook.

Do you have any tattoos?
Sure I do! I have about 30% of my body tattooed and looking to get more all the time.

Which is the typical creating process of your tattoos? How do you find a matching point between your art and the client request?
I’m very visual so I look at all type of reference images, after that I do a sketch of the composition using photoshop, that way the client can get a better idea of what I have in mind, then I do the drawing and stencil.
I try to be as faithful as I can to the clients request while giving the design my style, and on the day of their appointment we review the design together and make any alterations necessary; almost always they are happy with my idea.

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Her love for watercolor is also expressed in her future projects –  she has never done portraits in her style, but never say never.

If you are fascinated by Mariana’s magical and colorful atmospheres, watch some of her works on her Instagram page, on Pinterest or contact her via Facebook.